Book Cover: Revenge
Part of the Dark Vengeance series:

Revenge has never tasted so sweet…or been so beautiful!

Jaxson Montgomery is with a disappointment of his own doing. He never thought that he would fall for Silvia. He Only wanted a way to make her brother suffer, but now…things have greatly changed. Life started to get better, but when she finds out a truth, he’s been hiding she walks away without a second glance. Now, he has decided to make things right between the, but is it too late? Jax is the fixer, but can he fix his own problem? Will he be able to get Silvia back or is it too late?

Silvia Demetri can’t believe she let her guard down. Jax was the perfect guy: sweet, kind, attentive and most of all, not affiliated with her family. It was all a lie. Jax was not who he portrayed himself to be, and now she’s left with a broken heart. The only thing she can do is move on and never speak to Jax again. Will Silvia be able to forgive Jaxson, or was the lie too deep?