Book Cover: Passionate Yearning
Part of the Zodiac Shifters series:

Jonathan Justice is handsome, fair, truthful and the Keeper of the law among supernaturals. When he sees a wolf attacking a human he jumps into action, but soon discovers this assault is bigger than he thought, he can handle anything, except the yearning for Raina Peters

Raina Peters is a successful doctor who cares deeply for those in her care. Little did she know the night a sexy guy wearing a long trench coat who came walking into the hospital would change her life forever. It’s not long before Raina finds herself twisted in Jonathan’s world and in order for her to stay alive she has to believe in the supernatural and take Jonathan’s help, the question is will she?



Book Cover: Passionate Roar
Part of the Zodiac Shifters series:

BLURB- He is confident, energetic, loyal, strong, and a powerful ruler… He’s Landon King, a LEO!

Landon King works hard, never makes mistakes, prides himself on always being fair, is honest to a
fault, and owns one of the most successful companies in the world. After receiving a message
stating he must return to the pride and take a mate to retain his title as King, Landon is,
understandably, upset. How dare they send such a preposterous edict to him, their King. Landon
feels disrespected and has no intention of being forced to take a mate. Yet, he decides to make the
journey so he can inform his people in person of his refusal, letting them know exactly where he
stands. He, simply, will not be forced into a mating - by anyone. During his trip, he meets Davina
Golden, a rogue lioness with no respect for the laws of the pride and even less for him, a lion-shifter
king who is obviously superior to her. Landon King takes this as a personal challenge to bring this
rogue lioness to heel and force her to join his pride.

Davina Golden was abandoned as a young cub and remembers very little other than her name. After
barely surviving her first shift with no help from anyone, Davina quickly learned surviving on her own
was painful as well as dangerous. Her ordeal has made her cold and indifferent to her people and
she has no desire to seek them out. She’s spent her life drifting from place to place, accepting work
here and there to survive, which sometimes included using her powers as a lioness to get what she
wants. But when she meets Landon King, an arrogant lion who demands her submission and
respect, she does the two things she knows best; she roars and runs. Unfortunately, she had no
idea he would follow her, and worse, how much she would like it!