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Hi Readers!! First I would like to thank you all for being so patient for Warton! I had to push him back due to personal reasons, but I have pre-order links!! YAY! That’s right he can be delivered right to your device May 10th which is only a few weeks away!  I really enjoyed writing Warton and found myself re-reading it laughing and enjoying the story.  Warton is an asshole even more than Draken. You will either love him, which I do, I love him very much or you will hate him. You will get to see some of what to expect next along with what’s to come with the brothers and sister!!!!

Warton is on sale right now for pre-order only $1.99! Yes I know awesome right! This is a Full Novel

This is a teaser of Warton readers


“Oh, I’m sorry. This is so unprofessional and totally unlike me.” She goes to leave and stumbles slightly. I can hear her breath hitch and speed up. I’ve hurt her feelings. Shit. Moving as fast as I can before she’s out the door, I corner her. Her scent is all around me now, and I lean in to get a better smell. I hear her gasp as I move even closer.

“I’m not what you want.” I whisper.

“O…kay.” She stutters.

Our faces are only an inch apart. She’s still looking down.

“Look up.” I demand.


“Do it.”


“Because I want to kiss you.”

Slowly her eyes meet mine and our eyes are as one. Her smell is too much; I can no longer resist. If I don’t at least get a kiss right now, I may explode. My hands are placed on either side of her face, but no other touching. I cannot put my hands on her body; I may squeeze too hard and damage her.

My lips touch hers softly, slowly, and my tongue darts out to see if she tastes as good as she smells. I only want a sample, but she slides her hands around my neck and deepens the kiss. Our tongues move together in a dance as old as time but I pull away before the kiss gets out of hand.

“You should go.” I say, watching her response.

“You kiss me like that, and now I should go. I’m not going anywhere.”

‘Ms. Castell the best thing you could do is to leave, now.”

“You’re going to tell me why first?”

“I owe you no explanation. I’m the boss.” I snap.


AMAZON US- http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E44RA96
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