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I’m soooo excited about this story and can’t wait for you to read all about Markus Black, I love him LOL!! 

I’m honored that Ava K. Michaels asked me to be apart of this series, A Vampire’s Thirst!! I loved writing about vampires and this could be the start of something new; but I’ll wait until you all have read him and give your thoughts! 



Afterwards, he rose from the bed and walked over to the bar, pouring himself a drink. He had taken two sips before he noticed she was still lying in the bed, almost falling asleep. The woman knew he never allowed overnight guests, no matter what; once he was done, they must leave, without any backchat or questions. He waited, hoping she would get out on her own before he had to be an asshole, but he would be one if she’d forgotten the deal, and reminding her would not be a problem.

“Umm…” He cleared his throat loudly. She looked at him with an ‘oops’ smile, climbed out of bed and started to dress.

He turned back to his drink, ignoring her. Once he heard the door close, a sigh of relief washed over him.  Now that she was gone he could relax, although he could feel the Thirst rising, despite the sweet ambrosia he’d just had. He tried to wrap his mind around this thirst for nourishment, and the way it had come on so strongly. It had only been five days and his life had changed. It had already affected his work; he’d been avoiding people, keeping his distance as much as he could for the last five days, allowing a few trusted employees to handle his business. He couldn’t go on like this forever, though; the big deals couldn’t be entrusted to staff, and he had several big ones stewing in the pot. Soon, he would have to return to work and finish what he had been putting off. He knew his attitude lately had been more than some people could handle, not that he was friendly at the best of times; he was, he knew, an aggressive jerk anyway, on a regular basis. Yet his bad attitude was more profound than usual, and he was aware that it could jeopardize his deals. He didn’t use mind control unless it was an absolute necessity, but with the recent constant craving gnawing at him, destroying his peace and irritating his temper, he was not ruling it out.

He had never had any trouble getting a woman. Even before he had become a vampire, he had been considered a handsome man, well above average. The problem he was having was that now, he needed women like never before. The thirst had him more focused on sex than he had been used to. He loved a good nut like any other man, but he preferred it to be when he wanted, and chosen – not forced, as the bloodlust was doing. Once, he thought, he had been in charge of his life, but lately, he felt like a helpless animal. It was a fucking thorn in his side to have this need of feeding and sex constantly on his mind. Since he had been a vampire, feeding had always been a priority, more than anything else, but he could control it, and he had got a hold of the lust a long time ago. Normally he still managed to get his favorite A positive daily, but if he didn’t get it, he was not having crazy thoughts. Now, when he was around anyone, anyone at all, all he could think of was blood, blood, blood and fucking more blood. He was like a horny teenage boy, getting pussy for the first time and now he couldn’t get enough.

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