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Get Ready, Get Ready !!! :)

Hello it’s Nikki again 🙂

I am here to inform you that, you need to get ready

there is some very exciting things going on

with Solease M. Barner and her work 🙂

I strongly suggest that you read

book one and two of the trilogy

because The Mystery book “REDEMPTION ” is in the making 🙂 !!

“REDEMPTION ” is a continuation from book one and two of

the trilogy:)

Signed copies of book one and two are available now  🙂


Also, we are in process putting together a book signing in Michigan

stay tuned for more information !!! 🙂 🙂

If you would like to follow Solease closer please like herredemption

Facebook like page 🙂

~Nikki~ P.A.


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Exciting News!!!

Hello Readers, it’s Nikki coming to share some exciting news

about Solease M. Barner and her work 🙂

First off  The Mystery book” REDEMPTION” is in the making 🙂

You can get signed copies of book 1&2 of the trilogy at


At this present moment we are working on putting

together a book signing in Michigan 🙂

There is also a newsletter that goes out monthly,

that you will want to sign up for 🙂


Yours Truly,

Nikk P.A.


Chapter 1 is written!!!

Hello Readers, It’s Nikki again coming to share some new with . Solease has informed me The Mystery Book Redemption Chapter 1 is completed are we happy!!! 🙂  Make sure to read book 1and 2 The Secrets of The Ghosts The Sleeper and Secrets of The Ghosts Awakens because Redemption will be a continuations of the first two books 🙂 So, be ready for more action, murder and love 🙂 ASSASSINS.

Here is the purchase links for The Secrets of The Ghosts The Sleeper and Secrets of The Ghosts Awakens

                                   Paperback Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Ghosts—Sleeper-1/dp/148406299X/Barnes and Noble E-book http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/secrets-of-the-ghosts-solease-m-barner/1112162787?ean=9781484062999Amazon Paperback http://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Ghosts—Sleeper-ebook/dp/B00C6QUQO6/Barnes and Noble E- book http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/secrets-of-the-ghosts-solease-m-barner/1115273246?ean=2940044502680

cover bk 1 2500

Yours Truly,

Nikki P.A.

“REDEMPTION” Is in the making!

Hello Readers, I am Nikki Solease M. Barner P.A., I was informed by Solease that she has began writing the Third Book in “THE Secrets Of The Ghosts Trilogy“. The next one is called “REDEMPTION” she says to expect the unexpected and be prepared to have all your questions answered! She even has a surprise for everyone, I am not liberty to inform you yet, but once I get the okay I will! In the meantime make sure you have read The First Two Mystery Books ” Secrets Of The Ghosts- The Sleeper and Book 2  “Secrets Of The Ghosts- AWAKENS”, also check out her New Paranormal Romance The“DRAKEN Draglen Brothers Series Book 1″! 🙂  I will be periodically stop by to keep you informed as Solease is working.

Here are the purchases link


Yours Truly

Nikki P.A.


Cover for Secrets of the Ghosts-REDEMPTION!

Hello Readers, I’m excited to release the cover of the 3rd book in Secrets of the Ghosts

Trilogy!! The next mystery book is “Secrets of the Ghosts-REDEMPTION” 

I hope you like the cover and look for the book later this year 🙂 I also have just released

my new release “DRAKEN” The Draglen Brothers!  it’s a Hot Paranormal Romance 🙂

Here is the link to buy!




P. S.  Both Covers are at the bottom 🙂




The Draglen series cover

The Giveaway was a Success!!

I really enjoyed doing my first giveaway for the Mystery Book “The Sleeper” Book 1
in a Trilogy! It was a total success and instead of giving away three prizes
I gave away four prizes. I really enjoyed the response. I was excited with
how many people like Mystery books with Fantasy involved. I look forward
to the next giveaway I do and hope you will join the next one.
I believe it will be bigger!!


Great Free Giveaway/Contest

I am so excited to share the news of my very first Giveaway/Contest!
I figure sense it’s my first  I will do the best!
It will be Awesome just like the Giveaways!
It will start January 1, 2013.
Make sure you stay connected to find out the details.
Lets start the New Year with Gifts!