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New Series in the Making!

I am coming to the end of edits with mystery book “AWAKENS” Book 2 in Secrets of
the Ghosts Trilogy
. I have been taking notes of another series that have been
pulling at me. I’m now fully involved in another new series and in love with it.
The new series is different from Secrets of the Ghosts , yet it will still have
mystery, fantasy that you will be looking for with one more element. I will keep
it a Secret for now, but stay tuned for good news is coming soon.
Yes I’m still in edits just now when I take a break I will write or read 🙂


“AWAKENS” Book 2 is in Edits

Hello Everyone Book 2 is completed yaay!! I will be adding the cover to
the website soon. The book will be called “Secrets of the Ghosts-AWAKENS”!
This is the second mystery book book in the Trilogy and should be out in early
spring. (Spoiler Alert) “AWAKENS” will continue the story of Holiday as she
searches for her sister try to protect her daughter and struggle with her
love for her husband and her ex ,while still facing her magical gift. I have
been working hard to answer those questions in book 1, but I must warn you answered
questions can lead you to more questions in the life of Holiday. I will try and post
weekly to keep you updated, but I’m in edits and have not forgotten about you.
I look forward to sharing book 2 “AWAKENS” with you a new Mystery Book that hopefully
you will enjoy.


The Giveaway was a Success!!

I really enjoyed doing my first giveaway for the Mystery Book “The Sleeper” Book 1
in a Trilogy! It was a total success and instead of giving away three prizes
I gave away four prizes. I really enjoyed the response. I was excited with
how many people like Mystery books with Fantasy involved. I look forward
to the next giveaway I do and hope you will join the next one.
I believe it will be bigger!!


Win A Kindle & Gift Cards!

Happy New Year!! Told you all I would be posting this big
giveaway/contest I had been working on, Well it’s Time!
Want to Win a Kindle & Gift Cards-Amazon,iTunes, and Starbucks,
Signed copy of Secrets of the Ghosts-The Sleeper?
Here is your Chance! You can win in three different ways!
Easy ways to Win!!

The Perfect Giveaway!
The Perfect Giveaway!