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More authors, More dragons, More Stoking the Flames that you will not be able to handle! Please welcome back,  Kelly D. Abell, Grace Augustine, Linda Boulanger, Andi Lawrencovna, Isobelle Cate, Solease M Barner, Julia Lake Mills, Kali Willows, Kate Richards, Darlene Kuncytes Author, Laura Garland, J.C. McKenzie, Kathi S. Barton Author, Dara Fraser.  Keep reading I have MORE!! 

You will not be disappointed the reviews are in these stories will knock your socks off or panties AND lets be clear we want those panties knocked off with some dragons right LOL…

Blurb for group

Find everlasting love in the clouds. Go back in time. Spring into the future. Soar on the wings of magic.
Discover Legends of Fate, Destiny, True Mates, and Forever Love that’s written in the Stars.

Take flight with fifteen amazingly talented bestselling authors as they bring these special Dragons to life. In each life-changing journey you will see that the heart gets what the heart wants, happily ever after is so much more than simple words at the end of a Fairy Tale, and Dragons prevail no matter the time, place, or obstacle.

TEMPTING DESTINY- A conflict between destiny and desire Fallen prince, Raylar Majes has known his mate for a half century, but has kept it a secret until now. With his family’s gifts threatened if he doesn’t mate, he must convince the princess that she is his destiny. The problem is that her duties outweigh his desires. Being a princess of the Kingdom of Hati isn’t easy. A true princess to her people, Danika Drayca must keep her family’s kingdom under their rule, even if that means keeping up an ancient tradition and finding a mate. As much as she wants her own freedom, she will not disappoint her family or stray from her duties. Her kingdom needs her.




As soon as I’m through the garden and out into the forest my body relaxes, all the racing thoughts slip away and I breathe in deeply leaving behind all the issues facing me. It’s not long before I find myself miles and miles away from the castle, only a few feet away from the white water. It’s a place that’s now filled with memories of Raylar, and the fun we had here.

“You look lovely, Danika.”

I didn’t notice him, but as soon as his voice strikes my ears, I welcome his presence. Slowly I turn to face him, and it’s like seeing him for the first time.  The sexy dark eyes, the dark hair, the gorgeous smile. And, now that I know him, the kind heart.

“I went for a walk and ended up here. I wasn’t looking for you.”

“Then you wound me a thousand times.” He steps closer to me. I ought to stop him before he gets closer, but I don’t move.

“Listen, we can’t get involved. It would end badly.”

“You don’t believe that, do you?”

“Raylar, I’m going to be picking a mate soon, and if you and I start something.…”

He takes a big step forward, coming so close that I can feel the heat of his body. He looks into my eyes and I return his gaze, but no words are spoken. I open my mouth to speak, but before I can get a word out, he is kissing me.

The kiss is gentle, sweet and slow, almost a teasing of a kind. His hands spread across my cheeks as he holds my head in place, but it’s not forced – coaxed, rather. I want to resist, but I find my arms coming up to pull him closer. Our tongues dance with each other. He is allowing me to control the kiss, and it is different from any kiss I have ever known. The more we kiss, the more I want to kiss him – it’s like fire all over me, the kiss and my feelings for him. When I remember that we are in public, I pull away.

“We can’t, it’s not right. This must not happen again.”

He frowns. I haven’t seen him look so serious before.

“I’m not going to promise you that, Danika. That… it was meant to happen. It needed to happen.”

He’s found his mate, and he’s willing to throw that all away for a few good times with me? That’s not right. He can’t be my mate, and I must have one for my family’s survival.

“You have to stay away from me, it’s the only way. I hope no one saw that kiss. It would delay my choosing, but it could ruin you.”

“You don’t need to worry about anything ruining me.”

“Yes, I do, because clearly you don’t understand how the rules are in my kingdom, the people will turn against you. Me, not so much, because I’m royal.”

“You’ll be surprised about the people if you stop playing by the rules and go with your heart.”

“My heart, that’s not possible. I’ve been taught to put my heart aside and do what the family needs, and my family needs me mated to help secure our right to this throne, do you understand?”

The words are much more intense than I wanted them to be, but I have to make him see that this is my life.

“You can’t deny me. It’s going to tear at you like a wild beast. It will be constant, not giving you a break, not letting you sleep… forget about getting any rest, my beautiful because the heart that you think will not rule you will come to me.”

He backs away from me for a few paces. then turns and zips away, faster than any dragon I’ve ever seen move. Watching him go,. I already feel the need to be with him again.


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Hi Readers! I been a busy lady 🙂 I have written a novella and it’s in an AWESOME box set wit some GREAT authors! “It’s called “SHIFTERS GONE ALPHA” …yeah title says it all!!

The stories are all NEW! That;s right ALL new and the entire set is only .99cents, but a limited time!!

OH make sure you read all the way to the end GIVEAWAY going on!!

The novella I wrote in the box set is called DOMLEN”S WAY! This is the prequel to Domlen story which will be out later this year!

Here is a sneak peek of Domlen’s Way!

Who the hell am I fucking today? The need to feel soft breasts is strong. It has been a few days since I’ve had a good time with a female and that’s just not me. I’m not quite so open about sex like my brothers, although my desire is just as strong or stronger. My taste in females are somewhat different from my brothers. Being a member of a huge family, it’s easy to go unnoticed. Some would say this is a bad thing, but for me it’s perfect. My desires in females are particular. Sex is something I find very pleasurable, but having control during sex makes my pawqi, or what people on Earth would call cock hard. My nature is to be controlling and fierce; dragons are this way always and having royal Draglen blood running through me doesn’t decrease this, but it seems to increase the desire.

I have a Giver, currently her name is Tika, and she’s wonderful. She has been my Giver for seven hundred days, almost two years. Though I have a Giver, she has no say whether I take on another Giver, or if I just sleep with more females. This may sound as if sex is all I do, but it’s  the opposite. In fact, it’s been a while since my body pleasured a female. That’s why I have called for Tika to come to me tonight; it’s been too long.

My thoughts have been like this as long as I can remember, and goes far back in time. There was a period in my life that I even tried being with a female without using any of my desires for control, but it didn’t work. Eventually, my need consumed me and there were nearly three deaths that could have occurred, but fortunately Showken was around to ensure their safety. That was the day I decided to gain more self-control. It wasn’t long before it became second nature to me, almost like another part of my being, and now most see me as a controlling, jealous and sexy dragon. As I prepare my chamber for Tika, a myriad of thoughts run through my head, such as her favorite toys we use during sex. She can be feisty at times, but her loyalty is unwavering. Smiling to myself, I know she will come ready for any and everything I request of her. Tika is beautiful with gorgeous, waist-length blonde hair, long shapely legs with voluptuous full thighs, and big delicious breasts. After I look around to ensure everything is in place, I make my way down to the family garden for dinner. King Dramen has ordered family dinner once a week, which everyone must attend. It doesn’t bother me about this order, but between my mother and some of my brother’s choice in mates, the conversations can become quite heated. I usually stay quiet because the way I handle things is not always looked upon favorably.

So as usual, dinner starts out ok, but ends with people walking away after vile words have been spoken. I am eager to get back to my chamber, for Tika will be arriving shortly. She is not just any regular Giver. Tika has noble blood and she hopes one day I make her my Wella. That is not the way of my thoughts when we are together; mine are all about pleasing her, which makes me pleased. Taking my time walking to my play chamber, the excitement builds, knowing soon her screams of pleasure will fill my ears. Opening my door, I quickly begin to remove the only clothing I’m wearing and pour myself a glass of my sister Beauka’s intoxicating tea. Glancing over at the time, instantly the scent of Tika fills my nose, she is getting closer. There’s a knock on the door and then it opens.


“Tika.” I reply back.

We do this every time we are together. It’s like our hello instead of saying the words.

“I’m really glad you sent for me.” She says, blushing.

On Earth they call men who like control in the bedroom a dominant. I’ve never thought of myself as having a label, but only that my tastes are different. What I’ve read is that many men define dominant differently and therefore, give the female or their partner different rules. My rules are simple with Tika; she is allowed to speak freely as long as I don’t get the idea of disrespect coming from her. I will never force any sexual act upon her she doesn’t like and Tika only gets punished when she argues with me or disobeys. We are not committed to one another and she knows I fuck whomever I want, but she has not been with another since she started sleeping with me.


Including: Michele Bardsley, Renee George, Brandy Walker, Sydney Addae, Lisa Carlisle, Julia Lake Mills, Ellis Leigh, Skye Jones, Author Solease M Barner, Cristina Rayne, Lynn Tyler Author, & TL Clarke (Sedona Venez)
Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YARJN5C
Amazon UK – http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00YARJN5C
iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/shifters-gone-alpha/id998380863
B&N – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/shifters-gone-alpha-michele-bardsley/1122004111
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