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Great Halloween Gift!!!

Hello it’s me Nikki again 🙂 I am here to share some great

news with you the reader so sit back and enjoy 🙂

First off, Solease has joined Libboo  the site is free

to join and there are great gift weekly 🙂

Make sure you join and bring friends 🙂 Your chances

for gifts increases with the more friends/ buzzers

you have !

Here is the link for libboo :

Everyone, that has sign up for newsletter please

check your email from last Sunday Morning 10/7/2013

there is a surprise in the newsletter and you have until Sunday

10/13/2013 at midnight to respond 🙂

” REDEMPTION” is still in the  making and going well 🙂

I have an announcement today is Solease’s Birthday yaay 🙂

make sure to stop by her page on Facebook and wish her

a Happy Birthday 🙂 🙂  Also, the best gift that you can give

Solease is to go to  Amazon and purchase “DRAKEN”

The New Paranormal Romance, and if you have already


tell a friend 🙂 WORD OF MOUTH IS THE BEST!!!!

P.S. Book One and Two of the Trilogy are great

Halloween gifts 🙂

Here is the purchase links :

Amazon Book 1 E-book :—Sleeper-ebook/dp/B00C6QUQO6/

Amazon Book 2 E-book :

Nikki P.A