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In a Giving Mood!!!

Hello Readers!!! Book 2 has been sent back to the editor Yaaaay!!
I was MIA for awhile but I’m back!! Now I need to catch up on
reading and posting and everything including eating lol.
Yep I even skipped meals. I will make up for that :)…I think sense
I have been gone I owe you guys something like.hmmm…maybe
lets see who read these posts. I am in such a good mood right
now so I am really close to 400 likes on Author page and if I
get there with your help.I WILL randomly pick 3 names and
giveaway 3 eBooks of Secrets of the Ghosts-The Sleeper
today. The condition is it has to be done today by midnight est. Lets Go!!!

The Giveaway was a Success!!

I really enjoyed doing my first giveaway for the Mystery Book “The Sleeper” Book 1
in a Trilogy! It was a total success and instead of giving away three prizes
I gave away four prizes. I really enjoyed the response. I was excited with
how many people like Mystery books with Fantasy involved. I look forward
to the next giveaway I do and hope you will join the next one.
I believe it will be bigger!!


Win A Kindle & Gift Cards!

Happy New Year!! Told you all I would be posting this big
giveaway/contest I had been working on, Well it’s Time!
Want to Win a Kindle & Gift Cards-Amazon,iTunes, and Starbucks,
Signed copy of Secrets of the Ghosts-The Sleeper?
Here is your Chance! You can win in three different ways!
Easy ways to Win!!

The Perfect Giveaway!
The Perfect Giveaway!

Great Free Giveaway/Contest

I am so excited to share the news of my very first Giveaway/Contest!
I figure sense it’s my first¬† I will do the best!
It will be Awesome just like the Giveaways!
It will start January 1, 2013.
Make sure you stay connected to find out the details.
Lets start the New Year with Gifts!