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It’s finally the ONLY lady Draglen time and I’m EXCITED!! 

The story took on a life of it’s on. Beauka is determined to have a life outside of The Draglen Family and the family is determined to make sure she doesn’t… 

Please Enjoy this SNEAK PEEK!! 


Once he’s inside, I go to the kitchen, get the stove going and take out my box of herbs. He comes into the kitchen while I’m searching for something he’ll love. I start humming, realizing that, for the first time in a very long time, I’m happy.

“You sound beautiful.”

“Thank you, I’m very happy you’re drinking tea with me.”

Once the tea is ready, I bring everything to the table and pour us both a steaming hot cup.

“Wow, it smells delicious. What kind is it?”

“Oh, a little of this and that, but it’s my favorite, trust me.”

“Okay. Here goes!”

He takes a sip and then another. He smiles at me. He licks his sexy lips and takes another sip, sets the cup down and leans back in the chair. He gives me a grin. I’m unfamiliar with his expression, but I like it.

“Why are you looking at me like that, Paul? Do you like the tea?”

“I do, but I want to ask you something.”

This is making me nervous. I’m unsure of where he’s going with this, and my beast is scratching to see what’s happening.

“Well, you can ask me anything. Doesn’t mean I have the answer, but ask away.”

“First, let me ask you: have you ever been kissed by a man before?”

Shit, that’s what he’s asking me? I’m not sure if I want to discuss this. I mean, no I haven’t, unless he wants to kiss me. That would probably be amazing with his sexy lips. I’m not even sure how to kiss, though. That’s a problem. I’m a dragon. We’re supposed to be the best at everything, so shouldn’t I know how to kiss by now?

“Umm… I thought we were drinking tea.” I try to move the conversation back to my tea. If he finds out that I don’t even know how to kiss, he’s going to really think I’m lame.

“I’m not here to judge, and let me be clear on something. The only reason I ask is because I desperately want to kiss you, and I don’t want you to try and kill me if I go in for a kiss.”

Now I’m a hundred percent sure my dragon wants out. I can feel her talons scratching at my chest, clawing to get out. She doesn’t know Paul and the only thing she knows is to protect herself, and that’s all we’ve ever done. But he wants me to let down my guard.

“No, I haven’t been kissed before, and I wouldn’t try to kill you, either.”

He gets up from the table, and for some reason I can’t stop watching him like a movie playing, yet he and I are the stars. He walks over and leans down over me, and speaks with his lips hovering a few inches away from mine.

“Relax. I want you to enjoy this, Heartbreaker. Don’t be afraid.”

His lips touch mine, and our eyes never leave one another. When I feel his soft lips on mine, I can’t help but push towards him, but he allows me to. He starts to softly peck my lips over and over again, until I hear a moan, and realize it came from my own mouth. I’m aroused! He connects again, and this time I start kissing back, pecking until I want more and more, and then pecks turn into our tongues dancing with each other. My hands are still in my lap and his are gently holding the sides of my face, and I feel like nothing matters at all but us. The more we kiss, the more I want to kiss him. The sounds of moaning and heavy breathing I am making are all new, and I love every sound. I want more.

Finally he pulls away and takes a step back, along with a deep breath.

“Damn, Beauka, you’re truly amazing. I shouldn’t be doing any of this, because you are what I can’t have, but I needed to kiss you, if only once.”

“Paul, I’m not sure why you think I’m so forbidden, but everything happens for a reason, right? But that kiss… I don’t know what to say.”

“You’re forbidden, trust me. When your sick brothers find you, I’m going to have to hide.”

“You can’t hide, we’ll find you, so what happens now because that kiss…”

“I hope you say, ‘was the best.’”








Always the strongest, the problem-solver, the one who everybody comes to and the only girl, Beauka Draglen has spent the last few years feeling alone and unwanted. Deciding it’s time to experience life on earth, she makes a deal with a human male and enacts her plane to escape Draglen Castle. Armed with the hard exterior she’d cultivated over the years; the dragon princess finds the one thing that melts her tough exterior – the charm of a southern gentleman.

Paul Tuckson knows all about the Draglen family. So, when the wife and long-time friend of one of the illusive dragon brothers contacts him concerning his sister, he welcomes her into his city with open arms. Knowing she was off limits romantically should have been enough, but the more time he spent in her company – the more he realized being her man was worth the risk.

Dangerous, sassy, and beautiful, this dragon shifter has lit a fire Paul only wants to turn into an inferno. 














I’m soooo excited about this story and can’t wait for you to read all about Markus Black, I love him LOL!! 

I’m honored that Ava K. Michaels asked me to be apart of this series, A Vampire’s Thirst!! I loved writing about vampires and this could be the start of something new; but I’ll wait until you all have read him and give your thoughts! 



Afterwards, he rose from the bed and walked over to the bar, pouring himself a drink. He had taken two sips before he noticed she was still lying in the bed, almost falling asleep. The woman knew he never allowed overnight guests, no matter what; once he was done, they must leave, without any backchat or questions. He waited, hoping she would get out on her own before he had to be an asshole, but he would be one if she’d forgotten the deal, and reminding her would not be a problem.

“Umm…” He cleared his throat loudly. She looked at him with an ‘oops’ smile, climbed out of bed and started to dress.

He turned back to his drink, ignoring her. Once he heard the door close, a sigh of relief washed over him.  Now that she was gone he could relax, although he could feel the Thirst rising, despite the sweet ambrosia he’d just had. He tried to wrap his mind around this thirst for nourishment, and the way it had come on so strongly. It had only been five days and his life had changed. It had already affected his work; he’d been avoiding people, keeping his distance as much as he could for the last five days, allowing a few trusted employees to handle his business. He couldn’t go on like this forever, though; the big deals couldn’t be entrusted to staff, and he had several big ones stewing in the pot. Soon, he would have to return to work and finish what he had been putting off. He knew his attitude lately had been more than some people could handle, not that he was friendly at the best of times; he was, he knew, an aggressive jerk anyway, on a regular basis. Yet his bad attitude was more profound than usual, and he was aware that it could jeopardize his deals. He didn’t use mind control unless it was an absolute necessity, but with the recent constant craving gnawing at him, destroying his peace and irritating his temper, he was not ruling it out.

He had never had any trouble getting a woman. Even before he had become a vampire, he had been considered a handsome man, well above average. The problem he was having was that now, he needed women like never before. The thirst had him more focused on sex than he had been used to. He loved a good nut like any other man, but he preferred it to be when he wanted, and chosen – not forced, as the bloodlust was doing. Once, he thought, he had been in charge of his life, but lately, he felt like a helpless animal. It was a fucking thorn in his side to have this need of feeding and sex constantly on his mind. Since he had been a vampire, feeding had always been a priority, more than anything else, but he could control it, and he had got a hold of the lust a long time ago. Normally he still managed to get his favorite A positive daily, but if he didn’t get it, he was not having crazy thoughts. Now, when he was around anyone, anyone at all, all he could think of was blood, blood, blood and fucking more blood. He was like a horny teenage boy, getting pussy for the first time and now he couldn’t get enough.

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More authors, More dragons, More Stoking the Flames that you will not be able to handle! Please welcome back,  Kelly D. Abell, Grace Augustine, Linda Boulanger, Andi Lawrencovna, Isobelle Cate, Solease M Barner, Julia Lake Mills, Kali Willows, Kate Richards, Darlene Kuncytes Author, Laura Garland, J.C. McKenzie, Kathi S. Barton Author, Dara Fraser.  Keep reading I have MORE!! 

You will not be disappointed the reviews are in these stories will knock your socks off or panties AND lets be clear we want those panties knocked off with some dragons right LOL…

Blurb for group

Find everlasting love in the clouds. Go back in time. Spring into the future. Soar on the wings of magic.
Discover Legends of Fate, Destiny, True Mates, and Forever Love that’s written in the Stars.

Take flight with fifteen amazingly talented bestselling authors as they bring these special Dragons to life. In each life-changing journey you will see that the heart gets what the heart wants, happily ever after is so much more than simple words at the end of a Fairy Tale, and Dragons prevail no matter the time, place, or obstacle.

TEMPTING DESTINY- A conflict between destiny and desire Fallen prince, Raylar Majes has known his mate for a half century, but has kept it a secret until now. With his family’s gifts threatened if he doesn’t mate, he must convince the princess that she is his destiny. The problem is that her duties outweigh his desires. Being a princess of the Kingdom of Hati isn’t easy. A true princess to her people, Danika Drayca must keep her family’s kingdom under their rule, even if that means keeping up an ancient tradition and finding a mate. As much as she wants her own freedom, she will not disappoint her family or stray from her duties. Her kingdom needs her.




As soon as I’m through the garden and out into the forest my body relaxes, all the racing thoughts slip away and I breathe in deeply leaving behind all the issues facing me. It’s not long before I find myself miles and miles away from the castle, only a few feet away from the white water. It’s a place that’s now filled with memories of Raylar, and the fun we had here.

“You look lovely, Danika.”

I didn’t notice him, but as soon as his voice strikes my ears, I welcome his presence. Slowly I turn to face him, and it’s like seeing him for the first time.  The sexy dark eyes, the dark hair, the gorgeous smile. And, now that I know him, the kind heart.

“I went for a walk and ended up here. I wasn’t looking for you.”

“Then you wound me a thousand times.” He steps closer to me. I ought to stop him before he gets closer, but I don’t move.

“Listen, we can’t get involved. It would end badly.”

“You don’t believe that, do you?”

“Raylar, I’m going to be picking a mate soon, and if you and I start something.…”

He takes a big step forward, coming so close that I can feel the heat of his body. He looks into my eyes and I return his gaze, but no words are spoken. I open my mouth to speak, but before I can get a word out, he is kissing me.

The kiss is gentle, sweet and slow, almost a teasing of a kind. His hands spread across my cheeks as he holds my head in place, but it’s not forced – coaxed, rather. I want to resist, but I find my arms coming up to pull him closer. Our tongues dance with each other. He is allowing me to control the kiss, and it is different from any kiss I have ever known. The more we kiss, the more I want to kiss him – it’s like fire all over me, the kiss and my feelings for him. When I remember that we are in public, I pull away.

“We can’t, it’s not right. This must not happen again.”

He frowns. I haven’t seen him look so serious before.

“I’m not going to promise you that, Danika. That… it was meant to happen. It needed to happen.”

He’s found his mate, and he’s willing to throw that all away for a few good times with me? That’s not right. He can’t be my mate, and I must have one for my family’s survival.

“You have to stay away from me, it’s the only way. I hope no one saw that kiss. It would delay my choosing, but it could ruin you.”

“You don’t need to worry about anything ruining me.”

“Yes, I do, because clearly you don’t understand how the rules are in my kingdom, the people will turn against you. Me, not so much, because I’m royal.”

“You’ll be surprised about the people if you stop playing by the rules and go with your heart.”

“My heart, that’s not possible. I’ve been taught to put my heart aside and do what the family needs, and my family needs me mated to help secure our right to this throne, do you understand?”

The words are much more intense than I wanted them to be, but I have to make him see that this is my life.

“You can’t deny me. It’s going to tear at you like a wild beast. It will be constant, not giving you a break, not letting you sleep… forget about getting any rest, my beautiful because the heart that you think will not rule you will come to me.”

He backs away from me for a few paces. then turns and zips away, faster than any dragon I’ve ever seen move. Watching him go,. I already feel the need to be with him again.










Have you heard the news?!? 15 of your FAVORITE BEST SELLING AUTHORS come together again!!!!! If you’re a LOVER of Dragon-Shifter  then this FABULOUS  Boxset is for you!! 🙂

Stoking the Flames II will have you panting for more sexy dragons! This set is filled with love, legends and more!!

The story I’ve wrote is a novella called Tempting Destiny- The Reigning Sisters Series! If you were able to read the boxset last year, you would have my first book in the Reigning Sisters Series – Desired Revenge (Pre-order Today it’s going live May 3rd 2018)


Find everlasting love in the clouds. Go back in time. Spring into the future. Soar on the wings of magic.
Discover Legends of Fate, Destiny, True Mates, and Forever Love that’s written in the Stars.

Take flight with fifteen amazingly talented bestselling authors as they bring these special Dragons to life. In each life-changing journey you will see that the heart gets what the heart wants, happily ever after is so much more than simple words at the end of a Fairy Tale, and Dragons prevail no matter the time, place, or obstacle.

This is Stoking the Flames II – spread your wings and soar with our Dragons. Once you’ve touched the clouds, felt the wind in your hair, and held the power in your hands, you will forever fly high.

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A New Dragon to fall in love with Desired Revenge Preorder Today for Only $1.99!
Note- This book was in a boxset in 2017.
Carmen Drayca, a soft-spoken dragon-female, has spent her entire life being groomed to be the wife of King Noal of the Mofe dragons, the ruling family of Hati. She has dreaded the day she is to be given to the King as his bride, until she receives surprising news of the King’s death. Carmen assumes the debt her family owed would now be forgiven, and she would finally be free. Unfortunately, her relief is short-lived when the new King Jumon comes for her. For the first time in Carmen’s life, she feels desire for a male. But more importantly, it’s quite obvious King Jumon also desires her. Carmen quickly realizes this strong unexpected attraction gives her power… a power she can use to her advantage. If she can make King Jumon fall in love with her, she and her family may be able to reclaim the throne stolen from them five hundred years ago, thereby eliminating their debt. But for her plan to be successful, she must be able to resist falling for the handsome, sexy, and very attentive new King. Can the sweet, innocent Carmen seduce the wily but charming King Jumon and gain her desired revenge? Or will her plan backfire and cost her everything?
NOOK –…/



HI READERS!! I been working on a NEW Book  called Devious in Aleatha Romig Fidelity World!!!! I love this world and was truly honored to be apart! 6 NEW BOOKS RELEASED TODAY!!

CAPTIVATE, COLLARED, DEVIOUS, DIAMONDS, ENVY, AND REVELATION!! All of these books are AMAZING!! I have stared reading them personally and you will not be disappointed!!

Revenge is best served cold… until her.

Jaxson Montgomery has worked long and hard to climb to the top of the business world. His company is one in which image and connections mean success or failure. He’s known as ‘The Fixer’, and for the right price, he can make any problem disappear. His services are sought by the wealthiest and most famous people across the globe… and, quite often, the most notorious and criminally inclined as well. He’s respected by men and adored by women. To society, he appears to be a man with everything, good looks, charm, wealth, and, if he so desires, a different woman every night of the week.

But in his world, appearances are only a matter of perception. Jaxson Montgomery does not have everything. There’s one thing he desperately wants and he’s determined to have it, by any means necessary. After tragedy in his own life leaves him reeling and broken with a problem even he’s unable to fix, Jaxson is determined to seek retribution. He has the perfect plan. It’s devious, dark, and dangerous, but failure is not an option. Jaxson learned long ago to keep his friends close and enemies, closer. He’s prepared to do whatever it takes to have his revenge… even if it means sleeping with the enemy.

And the beautiful Silvia Demetri is the perfect pawn. After all, revenge is always best served cold…

Until it isn’t.

Kindhearted Silvia Demetri doesn’t have the perfect life. Yet, to the world, she appears to have everything a woman could possibly want… beauty, intelligence, sophistication, money. But we all know, appearances can be deceiving. There’s something missing, something very important. She yearns for love, but has given up all hope of finding it.

When Silvia begins preparations for her annual charity foundation event, little does she know her entire life is about to be changed by a simple chance encounter with a handsome, charming stranger, one who will sweep her off her feet, make her feel things she’s never experienced, and turn her world upside down.

A man who knows nothing about her or her family… or so she thinks.

But what if meeting Jaxson Montgomery wasn’t chance at all…

Maybe it was something far more devious.


Claudia Townsend, daughter of disgraced Judge Keith Townsend needs a fresh start, and in New York, she finds exactly what she’s looking for.

Raised with poise and grace and a lifetime of being around the wealthiest members of society in Savannah, Georgia, becoming a client of Infidelity makes perfect sense. It offers her everything she needs—financial security, a new life, and the possibility of final getting rid of her pesky V-Card.

What—or who—she doesn’t expect, is for Liam Allistor to come crashing in and messing up all of her new plans.

Liam Allistor has more secret than he has tattoos. His deep set black eyes and banging body along with his mystery allure is what makes panties drop as soon as he steps on stage in crowded arenas. But then he’s rocked by a scandal and his ticket sales plummet. His tour ends at breakneck speed, and everyone, including Liam, is left wondering if his career has come to a screeching halt.

He needs a publicity makeover, but more than that…he needs a girlfriend. And Infidelity is just the place for him to find one.

His agent wants him to clean up his image. Infidelity wants his money and silence.

And Liam? He wants Claudia, and he doesn’t care what he has to do to get her.



As a diamond broker for the Costello crime family, you should never, ever, fall in love, with the Feds, especially one sexy black haired, green eyed vixen, set on putting you away.

They say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But when they are blood diamonds, from a criminal you’re supposed to put away, this Federal Agent can’t keep them, or him. Can she?



Death changes us all …

Without my husband, my world caved. The business we built together is a prison. Our home, once filled with laughter and passion, is a tomb for what was. I want to give it all away and find a new place to start over. But the needs inside me, long-hidden whispers, won’t leave me alone. What I crave, a newfound darkness to match the pain, is impossible to ignore.

When Infidelity offers me a chance for fulfillment and a companion with no strings, I grasped it with both hands.

My Master is hurting. He’s filled with agonies and releases them on my flesh. We push and pull, an Owner and his slave, and I am helpless at his feet. But he strengthens me, giving me the power to fight his demons and substitute for what he’s lost.

I wasn’t supposed to fall in love, shouldn’t want to be more than a replacement. But I did, and I do. We only have the agreement between us, but I want him to own me irrevocably. Forever, always, to keep me …Collared


Though I denied it, envy ruled most of my life.

I was always the outsider among people born to privilege.

Envy made me despise them, the Montague Manor elitists. Until I fell in love with one of them.

Wyatt Spencer Weston changed my life.

He changed me for the better, at first.

Until his inconceivable betrayal nearly destroyed me.

He recently took control of his family’s business and the vast wealth that comes with it.

I’ve waited years for this day to arrive.

Envy used to rule me. Now a driving need for revenge does.

Wyatt will soon learn a valuable lesson in envy.

When you have everything, you have more to lose.


Lucinda Quinn couldn’t wait to get out of her small town and make a name for herself in New York City. But what she found was the harsh reality that nothing comes easy. Working as an intern, with long nights and menial tasks doing nothing for her career, she doesn’t bat an eye at becoming an employee of one of New York’s best kept secrets – Infidelity. One year of companionship, with a well-connected rich man in the city, is just the ticket she needs to finally skyrocket her dream of becoming a successful businesswoman.

Ryder Donahue is one of Manhattan’s most eligible bachelors. With a thriving multi-million dollar company, and stunning good looks, he could have any woman he wants. Except that he’s tired of the distraction of the dating scene, filled with nothing but gold diggers, throwing themselves at him for status and money. Knowing he needs an escort to events, to establish his credibility among the old money in New York City, he hires a companion from the Infidelity Club to be his stand-in girlfriend for the year.

When Lucinda and Ryder meet, their pasts collide, setting in motion a tumultuous roller coaster of events that leave them wondering what could have been, and what could be. Will the two set aside their jaded memories to turn this business arrangement into a relationship? Find out in Revelation, a Fidelity World novella.