Showken BK2 – CHAPTER 1

Please enjoy the first chapter of Showken BK2 or as I call him the cupcake man. You will never look at cupcakes the same after this book!!!



Why the hell did Draken choose me to run the business? Damn. If I’m running it, then human women are allowed in the car, house, and definitely the office. I’m happy Layern and Hawken are coming along. Gemi decides to stay, but Domlen decided he would come, also.

“Okay, I’m in charge now and I say there are no rules, except don’t expose us or I will be fucking pissed,” I say. Layern ignores me. Hawken and Domlen just look.

“You’re not running shit,” Hawken says.

“I run everything,” I say, “and unlike Draken, I will burn your ass, and that will take months to heal. Now, who’s up for a drink at a bar I’ve been dying to go to?”

“I’m up for it. What’s the name of the bar?” Domlen says, not looking up from his laptop.

“Hot Chicks and Drinks,” Layern says, looking serious. I have to make sure Layern gets laid. Domlen and Hawken and I have nothing to worry about.

“Well lets go see what’s in the Hot Chicks and Drinks Bar. I think this might be my lucky day.”

I go to my room to get ready. I love human women, and plan on bringing at least two home tonight. I just don’t like when they get all “Showken, you going to call,” or “Showken, I think I love you,” to hell with that. I don’t want that shit. I just want a good lay, and to keep it moving. I may settle down in about, oh, another hundred years, but right now I’m having fun. I walk back, Domlen and Layern are ready. Hawken hasn’t bothered to change.

“Okay, no hurting the human women. If they say no, respect it and move on. Don’t start any fights, as we have to go to work on Monday. Please, don’t fall in love like Draken, he went crazy. Now he is hooked on Cess. I don’t have time for a repeat.” I grab the keys to the Hummer.

“Showken, stop giving out orders, you sound like Draken. He always wants to give out orders,” Hawken says. We all laugh.

“Yeah, but now Cess is giving the orders,” Domlen says. Layern shakes his head.

“Let’s just go have some fun. Look, we’re already here,” Hawken says.

We all walk into the bar, and it’s pretty packed, but it’s Friday. I’m casing the place, and see her behind the bar placing drinks on a tray. She has dark brown hair, hanging straight. Her body has all the right curves. Yes, she is going to be one of them tonight. She looks mad, but I’ll just smile. She will melt and the panties will be off.

“I’m going to get a waitress for us, go find a table,” I say, heading straight for her.

“Stop giving out orders!” Hawken yells out. I ignore his jealous ass and keep moving until I’m right in front of her.

“Excuse me. My brothers and I need our order to be taken,” I say, hoping she will look up. Instead, she keeps placing drinks on the tray to deliver.

“So fucking what. Wait your turn,” she says, and moves around me, walking toward another table. Shit. This one has some issues. It doesn’t matter. I still want to have her in my bed tonight. I walk to our table, and sit. She walks over with a small pad and pen.

“What can I get you boys?”

“Boys?” Domlen says, “You see any boys?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. Now what you want to drink?” Oh, she is really angry. I like it.

“We would like some pitchers of beer, the best you have,” Layern says.

“Is that all?” she asks, not looking at any of us. I wonder what that’s all about. She can’t be shy with a mouth like that. Hmmm… “Yes, I would like to know what time you’re off?” I ask, trying to get her to look at me. She finally does. There are those beautiful grey eyes. She is one angry lady, but I like her. She could be fun.

“Look, I’m not interested. I’ll be back with the beer,” she says, walking away. I watch her sexy walk, back to the bar counter to get our orders. She is a woman. Her ass, breasts, and hips are perfect.

“Showken, I think you should leave this one alone. She is very good at blocking emotion, but I was able to sense that she is very angry and damaged,” Layern says.

“I think you guys can talk about this, I’ve spotted my fun for tonight,” Hawken says, heading over to a table with a couple of ladies. They look fun, all smiles, but I want her. She basically said ‘fuck off’ to me, and that is not happening.

“She’s an angry human female, but she is not allowed to call me boy again, or she’ll-” Domlen says, just as our pitchers arrive. She sets them down with glasses, and I slide a hundred towards her.

“Here’s your beer, and is this to start a tab?” she snaps.

“Nope, it’s your tip for being so nice,” I say, giving her a wicked smile. She is angry, huh? Well, I will see if she is really not into me, or just too scared to admit it. I notice she just stares at me, and we do this staring thing for a good ten seconds before she blinks.

“I’ll start your tab,” she says, snatching the money and walking away.

“I see that Hawken is having a good time, I’m going to claim myself some fun, too.” Domlen says, pouring himself a glass and taking a pitcher with him, heading towards Hawken and the women.

“Layern, what is it about her?” I ask, not taking my eyes off her as she takes orders and delivers them.

“You shouldn’t, but since she gave you a challenge, I see you will stop at nothing to have her, just be careful.” Layern takes a long gulp. “I’m going to dance and have some fun, too. I think you should come too. I see those women on the floor dancing our way, they are waiting for us,” he says, rising, and moving closer to the dancing floor, which is not very big, but big enough.

“I’ll join you in a second, get them warm and I’ll be over to relieve you of one,” I say, smiling, knowing Layern is good at dancing. He can handle two or three human women at once. Layern walks away shaking his head. I continue staring at her. I need her name. I walk to the bar, blocking her from going behind it.

“What the hell you doing?” she yells at me, trying to go around. I just smile, and wait for her to look at me. Finally her head rises to meet mine. She is beautiful, even angry.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m not telling you my name. You’re more than likely a stalker as you can’t take a hint already,” she snaps, placing her hands on those lovely hips. “Now move!” She looks me dead in the eyes, but I see a guard up, not anger. Huh, I need to know more.

“I’m Showken. You are . . .” I say, raising a brow. She is not getting past without a name.

“Marilyn, now can you move?” she says through her teeth.

“That wasn’t hard, Marilyn, and yes, I will move, for now,” I say, stepping aside and making sure to feel her heat as she slides past me, trying not to touch. I stand and listen as she gives the bartender her order for another table. She looks pissed, but I still want her. She just has to be difficult, and I love a challenge. She turns and looks at me, rolling her beautiful eyes. Oh, yes, this one I will have. I return a wide smile, and head for the dance floor. I pull the first girl I see out of her seat, and dance with her seductively. The lady is very willing and aroused, but my eye is on Marilyn as she watches the show. I sniff the air, and there it is; she is hot. She likes my dancing. I make eye contact with her, then we just stare at each other, and I mouth “I want you,” licking my lips for her pleasure. I really need this woman. I see Domlen and Hawken walk out with their fun for tonight. Smiling, I nod to them. The song ends, and Layern meets me at the table.

“Showken, what is it about her? I’m picking up anger and arousal, but the anger is way more intense. The human you were just dancing with is willing to do whatever with you,” Layern says, drinking straight from the only pitcher left. I smile, knowing she has to come back.

“Marilyn!” I yell, forcing her to look again. She looks sexy as

hell walking this way. I may just want her because she said no. Whatever the reason, I can’t help but rise to the challenge. Finally getting to our table, she places her hands on her hips, narrowing beautiful grey eyes at me.

“We need more pitchers,” I say, raising my brow and sliding another hundred dollar bill her way. She snatches again, and storms off without a word. She says nothing, heading for the bar.

“You are really pissing her off,” Layern says, finishing the pitcher.

“I know, that’s the point. She’s very angry, very hot, too. I think a little fun will help her out,” I say, not taking my eyes off her as she brings four pitchers back to the table. I wonder does she think she can get me drunk? She bangs them down, spilling some, and storms off angrily. I tilt my head, watching her walk away is amazing.

“Layern, I’m not giving up on this one. After I have my fun I’ll leave her alone,” I say, grabbing a pitcher, and taking a huge gulp.

“Ok, but I’m telling you, this one is not for fun. She has secrets that I can’t get to. I’d stay clear if I were you, but seeing the sparkle in your eye, brother, I know you will stop at nothing. So good luck.”

“Luck? Shit, I plan on having a good time with Ms Marilyn,” I say. “Her anger only excites me. Besides, I don’t think she knows how angry I can get.” I watch her maneuver through the crowd delivering beers.

She ignores me for the rest of the night. Layern invites some ladies to the table, and they are very willing, but I can’t keep my eyes off her. I give attention to the redhead purring next to me, but I don’t want an easy lay tonight. I want a challenge, and I see I have one. Studying her walk, how she stands, her eyes, I smile, thinking it will be fun getting to know her. She shakes her head every time she looks my way, sighing in frustration. Yes, I’m in her mind, now I want in that body of hers.

“I’m going home, brother. You coming?” Layern says, standing with a lady on his arm. I stare at him in confusion, I know who already holds my brother’s heart. Maybe he’s over her.

“I think I’ll make sure Marilyn gets home safe, but you have some fun with both,” I say, leaning over and giving the redhead next to me a kiss. “Sweetheart, you and your friend will take care of my brother, right?” I smile, and she melts.

“Yes, of course,” she says, rising. Layern takes her arm, and they all go for the door. It’s getting late. I will stay until she leaves.

I need to see what I’m up against.


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