Draglen Brothers Series Book 5

An Erotic Paranormal Romance Mature Content
Warton Draglen despises Earth and even more so the women. When he's forced to return to discover the identity of the culprit making unauthorized decisions for the family business, Warton has only one mission; find the person who dares make decisions for the Draglens without permission and make them suffer. But Warton's thoughts quickly change course once he sees the beautiful Ms. Castell.

Determined Bree Castell is ambitious to a fault, with dreams of one day owning her own marketing company. After the company where she is currently employed fails to see a single one of their owners for months, she decides it's a perfect opportunity for her to gain valuable experience in running a business. Little does she know that one of the owners would be arriving soon, and that he would be the most obnoxious, ungracious and irritatingly arrogant man she's ever met.... Until she kissed him.