It’s finally the ONLY lady Draglen time and I’m EXCITED!! 

The story took on a life of it’s on. Beauka is determined to have a life outside of The Draglen Family and the family is determined to make sure she doesn’t… 

Please Enjoy this SNEAK PEEK!! 


Once he’s inside, I go to the kitchen, get the stove going and take out my box of herbs. He comes into the kitchen while I’m searching for something he’ll love. I start humming, realizing that, for the first time in a very long time, I’m happy.

“You sound beautiful.”

“Thank you, I’m very happy you’re drinking tea with me.”

Once the tea is ready, I bring everything to the table and pour us both a steaming hot cup.

“Wow, it smells delicious. What kind is it?”

“Oh, a little of this and that, but it’s my favorite, trust me.”

“Okay. Here goes!”

He takes a sip and then another. He smiles at me. He licks his sexy lips and takes another sip, sets the cup down and leans back in the chair. He gives me a grin. I’m unfamiliar with his expression, but I like it.

“Why are you looking at me like that, Paul? Do you like the tea?”

“I do, but I want to ask you something.”

This is making me nervous. I’m unsure of where he’s going with this, and my beast is scratching to see what’s happening.

“Well, you can ask me anything. Doesn’t mean I have the answer, but ask away.”

“First, let me ask you: have you ever been kissed by a man before?”

Shit, that’s what he’s asking me? I’m not sure if I want to discuss this. I mean, no I haven’t, unless he wants to kiss me. That would probably be amazing with his sexy lips. I’m not even sure how to kiss, though. That’s a problem. I’m a dragon. We’re supposed to be the best at everything, so shouldn’t I know how to kiss by now?

“Umm… I thought we were drinking tea.” I try to move the conversation back to my tea. If he finds out that I don’t even know how to kiss, he’s going to really think I’m lame.

“I’m not here to judge, and let me be clear on something. The only reason I ask is because I desperately want to kiss you, and I don’t want you to try and kill me if I go in for a kiss.”

Now I’m a hundred percent sure my dragon wants out. I can feel her talons scratching at my chest, clawing to get out. She doesn’t know Paul and the only thing she knows is to protect herself, and that’s all we’ve ever done. But he wants me to let down my guard.

“No, I haven’t been kissed before, and I wouldn’t try to kill you, either.”

He gets up from the table, and for some reason I can’t stop watching him like a movie playing, yet he and I are the stars. He walks over and leans down over me, and speaks with his lips hovering a few inches away from mine.

“Relax. I want you to enjoy this, Heartbreaker. Don’t be afraid.”

His lips touch mine, and our eyes never leave one another. When I feel his soft lips on mine, I can’t help but push towards him, but he allows me to. He starts to softly peck my lips over and over again, until I hear a moan, and realize it came from my own mouth. I’m aroused! He connects again, and this time I start kissing back, pecking until I want more and more, and then pecks turn into our tongues dancing with each other. My hands are still in my lap and his are gently holding the sides of my face, and I feel like nothing matters at all but us. The more we kiss, the more I want to kiss him. The sounds of moaning and heavy breathing I am making are all new, and I love every sound. I want more.

Finally he pulls away and takes a step back, along with a deep breath.

“Damn, Beauka, you’re truly amazing. I shouldn’t be doing any of this, because you are what I can’t have, but I needed to kiss you, if only once.”

“Paul, I’m not sure why you think I’m so forbidden, but everything happens for a reason, right? But that kiss… I don’t know what to say.”

“You’re forbidden, trust me. When your sick brothers find you, I’m going to have to hide.”

“You can’t hide, we’ll find you, so what happens now because that kiss…”

“I hope you say, ‘was the best.’”




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