A NOVELLA in The Draglen Brothers Series!

Hi Readers! I HAVE GREAT NEWS!!!! You will be getting two books in February from the Draglen Brothers Series! Domlen’s Way is a novella I wrote and needs to come out before Warton! Have no worries they will both release in February! It has to be this way, there are things that Domlen does in Warton book that can only be explained from reading the novella Domlen’s Way! The book is complete and edited! The cover is being made YAY! I hope you are excited because I am!!! I will be doing a cover reveal very, very soon for Domlen’s Way and Warton!!!

Here is a small teaser from Domlen’s Way!


Domlen Draglen is handsome, sexy, smart and a Dominate. He is one of the brothers of the infamous Draglen royal family. Being a dragon-shifter Dom isn’t something he wants just anyone to know but having control in the bedroom is his only way. He will ensure that you will be satiated, satisfied, sore and pleased; and you will never want anyone else but him. You will only have to submit to Domlen’s Way to guarantee the attention of this dragon-shifter.

This is the prequel to Domlen story in The Draglen Brothers Series


“Tika.” I reply back.

We do this every time we are together. It’s like our hello instead of saying the words.

“I’m really glad you sent for me.” She says, blushing.

On Earth they call men who like control in the bedroom a Dominate. I’ve never thought of myself as a label, but only that my tastes are different. What I’ve read is that many men define Dominate differently and therefore, give the female or their partner different rules. My rules are simple with Tika; she is allowed to speak freely as long as I don’t get the idea of disrespect coming from her. I will never force any sexual act upon her she doesn’t like and Tika only gets punished when she argues with me or disobeys. We are not committed to one another and she knows I fuck whomever I want, but she has not been with another since she started sleeping with me. There is also the little thing of love, I don’t love Tika. In fact, I don’t love any female outside of family.

Do you like the teaser?

I love to hear from readers so please comment I will respond!



Domlen Novella teaser

5 thoughts on “A NOVELLA in The Draglen Brothers Series!”

      1. No problem, I was just checking. I just read all 4 books again for the fourth time. Can’t wait for Domlen and Warton’s stories.
        Thanks and keep up the great writing!!



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