YES it’ true the wait is over! GEMI IS LIVE!

Gemi story is different from his brothers and if you choose to read him, you will see Gemi in a new way! The quiet brother who always keep everyone in control has found his Wella, only one  problem she’ s a dragon enemy!

Would you like to read this story? Do you have to read all the books to read this story?

If the answer is yes to the first question, then you need to know you can read this story as a stand alone YAY! 🙂

This story was one of the hardest stories I wrote, but it was also my favorite!


GEMI the brother unlike any of the Draglen Brothers is live! Gemi is sexy, romantic, and has a bad side he tries to keep under control! He has searched for his Wella for hundreds of years, but when he finds her, she’s his enemy. Find out how this love story unfolds!
(note this book is in a series, but can be read as a stand alone)

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One thought on “GEMI IS LIVE!!!”

  1. I love the Draglen Brothers series.. I was really wanting to read the ARC for Gemi but didn’t get it so i bought the book as soon as i could.. LOVE IT!!!! It’s Hot. Great Series!!!! I will definately keep reading these!!!!!! Cant wait to read what the rest of the Brothers have going on..


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