Holiday Towley!

Hello Readers, I have been absent because I have been writing. 🙂

LAYERN the paranormal romance in The Draglen Brothers Series

is coming close to the end!!! Yaay! It will then go to edits, hopefully

it won’t be long. I’m hoping to have LAYERN out by the end of February,  😀

which is not to far away!  Holiday Towely, will not hold anything back in

REDEMPTION the 3rd book and conclusion in The Secrets of the Ghosts

Trilogy! I’m truly excited about this book, but also I feel sad. Holiday story

will end in REDEMPTION.  I’m not sure if I’m ready yet, lol maybe when later.

Holiday Towley is one lady you need and should meet 🙂

If you have not started Secrets of the Ghosts Trilogy or The Draglen Brothers

Please make sure to start both series, they are on all major sites in ebook and

paperback form! Here are the links for eBooks



“Secrets of Ghosts -The Sleeper” IS ONLY .99CENTS

“Secrets of Ghosts-AWAKENS”

Follow me on my new page on Facebook “Solease’s Sassy Book Loft” 🙂

I will make announcements! Make sure to follow this is were

Here is the link :

Readers always stay close!!!


coming soon Redemption



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