Holiday Times

Hello it’s me Nikki again:) There is a lot  of important things going

on in Solease M. Barner World. First and Foremost the Christmas Giveaway is coming

close to an end. The last day to get all entries end is December 19th at midnight.

Here is the link if you still want to participate :

Hey have you join the newsletter? If not here is you chance 🙂

Here is the link:

Hey, I have a secret just for you. “LAYERN” The Third Book of The Draglen Brother

Series is coming close to being done, and will be in the editor hands soon yaay 🙂

Solease’s has started a new page please take the time to like the page 🙂

Here is the link :

Looking for something to get your avid reader? Then why don’t you get

them their very own sign copies of The Draglen Brothers Series :)

Here is the link :

Here are all the links if you want to order them from Amazon:

Here is some links
DRAKEN BK 1-Paperback

SHOWKEN BK 2-Paperback

Secrets of the Ghosts-The Sleeper BK 1—Sleeper-1/dp/148406299X/

Secrets of the Ghosts-AWAKENS BK 2


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