“SHOWKEN” is a great Christmas Gift!!!

Hello readers, it’s me Nikki. I am here to share some news with you 🙂

Solease is having an awesome Christmas giveaway if you want to

participate please follow the link, and follow the rules 🙂

Here is the link:


I have started a blog to support all Indie Authors, please follow 🙂


“DRAKEN” The New Paranormal Romance is free on all major sites….

“SHOWKEN (BK2) in The Draglen Brothers Series is now available,and doing well.

Here is the purchase link:


Book 3 of The Draglen Brothers Series “LAYERN “ is in the making so stay tuned 🙂

“Redemption is in the making also 🙂

Looking for a great gift for the avid reader on your list? Get them their own sign copy of “DRAKEN”


Don’t forget to get Secrets of Ghosts Trilogy signed copy also 🙂


Yours Truly

Nikki P.A.


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