Mark your Calendar!!!

Hello Readers, it’s me Nikki back again with awesome news 🙂

Solease is having a Book Signing in Michigan

November 23,2013 at the Flint Public Library

12:00pm – 3:00pm 🙂

“DRAKEN The New Paranormal Romance is free 

on all sites 🙂

Solease is having an Awesome Christamas giveaway and

if you are interested in participating follow the link  🙂

“SHOWKEN” should be out this weekend yaay !!!

Solease has started a Street Team and if you are interested

please email me at 

Make sure that you have subscribe to the newsletter there

will be some surprises in the November Newsletter

that will go out tonight 🙂

Looking for a great Paranormal Mystery?  Then check

out Secrets of  The Ghosts – The Sleep and Secrets of the Ghosts- Awakens

Here are the links to purchase:

Secrets of The Ghosts -The Sleeper :—Sleeper-ebook/dp/B00C6QUQO6/

Yours Truly

Nikki P.A.



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