Your Weekly dose of Information about Solease and her work !!!

Hello it is me Nikki again 🙂  Today I have some

awesome news to share with you the readers.

Solease will be having a Book Signing in

Michigan. The Signing will be November 23, 2013

at the Flint Public Library from 12:00pm until 3:00pm.

The Review Contest for “DRAKEN ” will end

October 31,2013. So, if you have written a review

please email me at

in the email please inform what name the review is under

and the site that you left the review 🙂

Looking for a great Paranormal Romance

that will leave you wanting more ?

Then check out “DRAKEN” The Paranormal Romance

Here is the purchase link :

Looking for a Paranormal Mystery ?

Then check out Secrets of The Ghosts- The Sleeper

Here is the purchase link :—Sleeper-ebook/dp/B00C6QUQO6/

Remember  to subscribe to the Newsletter there will be exclusive

information about Solease work, Giveaways and more but

this information will only be available to the Newsletter SubscribeR

Here is the link to subscribe :

Solease is having an Awesome Christmas Giveaway!!!

The information for the giveaway will be out shortly

so stay tuned!!!

You want to Purchase Signed Copies of Secrets of The Ghosts?

Here is the purchase link :

Yours Truly

Nikki P.A.42865761_nP0Bd1wNB_1383123131

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