Extra, Extra Read All About it !!!

Hello it’s me Nikki, and I am here to share all the awesome

news that is going  on  with Solease M. Barner 🙂 First we have a

Book Signing locked in, in the state Michigan

the date will be release  soon 🙂  Next, there are signed copies

of “DRAKEN” The New Paranormal  available 🙂

Here is the purchase link :


Also, there are signed copies of Secrets of The Ghost -The Sleeper 🙂

Here is the purchase link :


I have a new page that, I would appreciate you to liked it 🙂

Here is the link :


Please go like the Secrets of The Ghosts page for updates and more 🙂

Here is the link :


Also, please go like the Draglen Brothers page for updates and more 🙂

Here is the link :


There  is a review contest going on for “DRAKEN” The New Paranormal  Romance

it will end October 31, 2013  so please get your reviews in, and then email

me at nikkihamilton80@gmail.com telling me your review name and where

the review can be found 🙂

There is a new fun site that is totally free and you can win great prizes weekly 🙂

Here is the link :


Solease has started a Street Team 🙂 Please email me at

nikkihamilton80@gmail.com if you would like to

support and Join the Street Team 🙂

Make sure that you sign up for the Newsletter because there will

be some exclusive information, contest, giveaways, and more

that only the Newsletter subscribers will get  🙂

Here is the link :


Yours Truly,

Nikki P.A.


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