Preview of New Series “Draken” Unedited!

Hello Readers, I promised a small preview of “Draken” The Draglen Brothers Series. This preview has not been edited, YET and somethings could change, but here is a small insight of what is coming

Book 1 “Draken”
All Rights Reserved by Solease M. Barner

“I’m just going to say hi that’s all” I say. I finish my food and head up stairs for a quick shower. I put on a pair of my short shorts and a tank and head out the door. The closer I get I realize I haven’t talked with a guy outside of D and his friends sense Travis. What was I thinking coming out here? I should just turn around. Yep that’s what, I’m going to do, as I turn I hear a very deep voice call out.
“Hey…Hey you are going to come introduce yourself or are you going to go home?” The voice is friendly. I thought they were talking and didn’t see me. I turn slowly and he is right there.
“Ah…Hi” I say looking at this man. He is beautiful he has long blond hair. That is all wet from working out in the sun. His body is perfect. His eyes are amazing, deep green and he’s smiling at me with those dimples… yikes I’m in trouble.
“Hello I’m Showken and you are?” He says with his hand out. I know my face is red from looking at his beauty.
“I…I’m Cess” I say and shake his hand.
“Hello Cess I told my brothers you were nice and would come introduce yourself.” He says with a deep voice that should only be heard in private.
“Umm…yeah, how you say your name again I’m sorry” I say feeling really rude. I just never heard of a name like that before.
“Showken, like Show and Ken put together.” Showken smiles as he says it again. I notice he is still holding my hand when two more of them walk up. I’m not going to make it. I have a promise to keep no men and especially no sex. I’m staying focused on my studies and my career.
“Brother…what have we here?” One of them says with short dark brown hair. His body is huge and he smells so good and he has light gray amazing eyes. He only has on some cut off shorts with sandals no shirt, with a chest that’s illegal or it should be. I can’t wait to tell my girls about the new neighbors.
“This is Cess, Cess meet my brother Gemi. The one who is just looking is shy and that’s Layern.” Showken says smiling at me.
“So Cess…are you going to come over?” Gemi says, narrowing his eyes like his searching for something.
“I should be heading home. I..umm” I can feel all their intensely eyes on me. Layern eyes are really blue and he is quiet but just as handsome. The other two are not shy at all. They are all smiles. I bet these brothers are fun. No I can’t think like that my studies and career.
“Come on Cess we never have company” Showken says, pulling me towards their home. I feel my feet moving and the other two behind me. I should be afraid to be walking with these guys, but it’s no fear at all. As, we make our way to the lawn the door opens. I see him and his stare is cold. He has long jet black hair that is pulled in a neat ponytail hanging down his back. There is no smile on his face at all just a look. I feel his eyes roam my body and now I feel uncomfortable. I guess he’s not the friendly brother.
“Brothers why is she here?” He speaks as though I’m not standing there. I feel insulted and humiliated a little while, Showken explains. He cuts him off and marches right to me looking down at me like I’m nothing.
“Look stay off my lawn. Go Now!” He snarls. Showken speaks up for me.
“Draken she’s ok, ask Layern.” Showken says as he comes and stands beside me. I’m not afraid of him and I maybe smaller, but he will not talk to me like that.
“Draken…is that how you say it? Well you are rude and I was invited so don’t snap at me” I say and I see his light purple eyes glaring at me. His brothers move away from me going inside the house one by one.
“Cess I will take your tone as a sign of ignorance. You, stay off MY lawn and you will remain intact.” Draken says as he grabs my arm and walks me off the lawn and passed his property line into the street. I have never been treated like this by a guy in my life. He is the rudest man I have ever met. He looks so hot with those eyes, that hair, and that smooth tan skin. I try and pull away and he is so strong. My face is turning red, how humiliating is this?
“Let go of me” I snap. He releases me, soon as I’m in the street feeling like trash.
“Cess be a good neighbor and mind your business and stay off the property. This is your warning next time I will ask something of you” Draken says and turns and walks away. I can’t help, but notice how perfect his walk is. An as the wind blew I caught his smell and I knew that though he was mean as ever, Draken could make me give my promise up.
“Draken…if you ever put your hands on me like that again, I will give you a good kick, that will make having babies a problem” I say. He stops and looks over his shoulder and continue to walk in the house.
I stand there for a second before I make the short but embarrassing walk home. I turn and look back and see the other brothers working and not saying anything now. Draken is outside watching. He turns and looks at me. We stare for a long time and I finally broke the staring contest and headed back inside to my home. I lean back into my door and see his beautiful eyes in my head.
“Draken” I say out loud.

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