“AWAKENS” Sneak Peak! Coming May 3 2013!

Hello Readers, Enjoy a preview of  “AWAKENS” mystery book coming May 3, 2013!

“AWAKENS” will be ready for purchase at all your major places 🙂 so get your copy

on May 3, 2013 and continue the story of Holiday in “The Secrets of the Ghosts”

Enjoy Preview!!  Solease

“Everyone be honest with your answers… Holiday?” Delores says, staring at me. Then I notice they are all staring. I am losing my patience. I need to make a plan with my sisters and then go see Joe and Evey. I am sure she misses her mother. “Calm, Holiday. Stay calm,” I think to myself. I mean… they have said nothing about my birthday. Even David remembered, although he has other motives.
“Before we get into the serious talk, I would like to know what happened between Holiday and David,” Orenda says. Tia raises her hand in the air in agreement. Great, now they want to know about David. No way am I telling them!
“Let’s talk about things that I care about, like Joy. I couldn’t care less about David. He is nobody but a man who could be working with Ava. I want all you horny little schoolgirls to know.” Rebecca is pointing at Orenda, Tia, and Delores. She doesn’t have to point at me, as she already knows I do not want to talk about it. Yet my sisters are not going to stop, so I will just tell them everything. Except for the kiss… both kisses. I will not mention his confession of loving me, either. This is going to be difficult. Why are we not killing this Madison girl and moving on to the next one?
“There is nothing to tell,” I say, praying to a God I know has written me off. I think it’s worth a try anyway.
“I sense tension and I smell lust,” Orenda comes close and takes a sniff of me. This woman has no shame.
“I know lust when I see it,” Tia replies. “Holiday, if you don’t want to tell us about your encounter with David that is fine, but I am missing men right about now and you know I hate using ‘porn’.
“I hate porn, too. I never understand the fascination with looking at other people. Especially when I can do that and end your life at the highest point for a man and a lady,” Orenda says, moving her hips and smiling like we were not watching.
“Orenda, do you like women?” Delores asks. I have never known Orenda to like women in a sexual way, but who knows? I didn’t know people could rise from the dead, either.
“Can we please remember why we are having this meeting, Delores? You are the one who called it, and I miss Joy. I don’t know about you guys, but I want my sister back,” Rebecca says through her teeth. That is the end of the David interrogations. “Thank you, Rebecca,” I think.

I hope you like 🙂


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